World's first at home dog cancer detection kit. Affordable, Fast

OncoGuarDx is a diagnostic kit designed for early cancer detection in dogs. It works fast, doesn’t require any blood drawn, can be administered anywhere, and provides you the results instantaneously.  After all, when dealing with cancer early detection is key to survival.  

Our kit checks for key alterations in DNA’s physical and chemical properties that are ubiquitous to all cancer genomes.  OncoGuardDx will show you the results within minutes whereas traditional TK/CRP blood tests must be sent out to a lab.  OncoGuarDx combines the most advanced DNA technology with a sophisticated fluidic device to give you the most accurate early cancer detection at all time.

Dog owner

Dog Owners

Dogs experience stress just like we do, and just like in humans, stress causes cancer.  When we see our best pals they are either happy to see us or simply hide their stress.  We can help you to decide whether you need to take action in a timely manner.

vet with sick dog


We offer a product that provides priceless early warning of canine cancer, and also serves as a measure of a dog’s current health and stress levels.  Quickly assess the stress level of your patient and diagnose incipient cancer threat. 

Vet Oncologist with a sick dog

Vet Oncologists

Cancer is a genomic disease, rooted in aberrancy of DNA conformation. Our product assesses the stability of cancer’s genomic DNA, which is critical to the management of effective cancer therapy. 

Science Of How It works

Just like people, our pet dogs suffer from stress, and when it gets out of control that stress can develop into cancer.  Dogs are descendants of wolves and by nature they are instinctively pack animals (instinctually they seek to join a pack or a herd that is near).  Our modern lifestyle of living indoors, often leaving them many hours at a time, conflicts with their instinctual nature.  This can have adverse effects ranging from boredom, to stress, to aggression, depression, metabolic issues and so on.  The difficulty in all of this is that our dog will never tell us how they are feeling.  When we come home, they are very happy to see us and hide any traits of these adverse effects.  You often hear people mention “he/she seemed perfectly normal until it was too late”. 

OncoGuarDx helps to gauge the thermodynamic stability of DNA.  The higher the stress experienced, the higher the instability becomes, ultimately resulting in cancer.  Cancer is a systemic disease with evolving genomic instability, which is the driving force of tumor initiation and progression.  

The process of checking your canine’s instability level is rather swift and simple.   Use a swab to collect a sample of your dogs DNA from their nose, place it on a provided plate and use our companion smartphone app to measure its overall score.  

  • Score < 50, Normal Stress Level STEADY HEALTH STATE
  • Score = 50–60, At-Risk Stress Level SUB-OPTIMAL HEALTH STATE
  • Score = 80-90, Cancer Stress Level EXACERBATED HEALTH STATE

Average Dog Chemo Treatment Cost*

$ 0 .00

Percent of Dogs who Die of Cancer*

0 %



Number of Known Animal Cancers*


So... how can you avoid these numbers?

With a few measures you can make sure that your best friend doesn’t end up as one of these figures.  Love them, exercise them, and catch signs of cancer as early as possible.  The last part, we can help you with.

*Average Dog Chemotherapy is $1,000 per treatment, according to PetCareRX.  47% of dogs die of cancer, which is the leading cause of death according to Fetch a  Also, an average of 6 million dogs were diagnosed with cancer in 2017, again according to Fetch a Cure.  We encourage you to visit the outside site Fetch a Cure and learn more about general animal cancer facts. 

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