Your Dog IS Always There For You - Now You Can Be There For Them

Any Dog-lover will tell you that dogs aren’t just our ‘best friends’ – they are part of our family. The bond between humans and dogs is powerful and deeply-rooted. We love them deeply and there is nothing we wouldn’t do for them.

Dogs have an amazing ability to detect illness, too. They are already used to alert and support people with a number of serious health conditions and trials are underway to use them to detect cancer and other diseases. Yet, they can’t tell us when they aren’t well and often, by the time we know something isn’t right, it may be too late.

The leading cause of death in dogs is cancer* which takes a hold when the conditions are right – when the levels of stress on the canine body are high enough. But we can’t tell if our faithful companion is under the kind of stress that may lead to cancer.

Until now…

OncoGuarDx combines advanced DNA technology with an easy to use at-home measuring device to give you the most accurate early cancer detection available today.

At last, a simple, affordable, non-invasive kit for you to use at home and which gives you results in minutes. Use it when you first notice your dog ‘isn’t quite himself,’ to check if all is well. Better still, make it part of your regular care regime, making sure they are in top form and getting everything they need to keep them healthy.

Average Dog Chemo Treatment Cost*

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Percent of Dogs who Die of Cancer*

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Number of Known Animal Cancers*

Dog owner

Dog Owners

Stress leads to cancer in dogs, just as it does in humans. OncoGuarDx will detect cancer so it can be treated sooner.

Plus, it will show you when stress is present so you can act before cancer takes hold.

vet with sick dog


Easy, at-home monitoring of dog health for your patients, plus online results you can see in an instant.

Non-invasive, fast diagnosis, providing a huge step forward in well-being for dogs.

Vet Oncologist with a sick dog

Vet Oncologists

Early detection of cancer in dogs to improve chances and lead to better treatment plans.

Plus a direct link between you and potential patients via our mobile app. 

Science Of How It works

Just like people, our dogs suffer from stress and, when it gets out of control, that stress can develop into cancer.  By nature, dogs are pack animals and need plenty of exercise and activity. Our modern lifestyle often see us leaving our beloved pets alone for many hours at a time, which conflicts with their natural inclination.  This can have a range of adverse effects – some we can see (such as behavioral problems ) but others  we cannot.

Our dogs can’t tell us how they are feeling or if there is something they need.  As long as they greet you with excitement when you get home and eat normally, you can’t tell that they are hiding pain, discomfort or fatigue.  You often hear people mention “he/she seemed perfectly normal until it was too late”.

Cancer is an insidious disease which is often invisible until it is well advanced. Knowing that your dog’s system is under stress can allow you to take action before cancer can take a hold. And if cancer is already present,  early detection improves the recovery rates significantly.

OncoGuarDx measures the thermodynamic stability of DNA.  In other words, it can measure the level of stress your dog’s body is under so you can take action before it is too late.

Using OncoGuarDx is quick and easy. A quick swab of your dog’s wet nose soaks up DNA. Transfer this to  one of our specially treated plates and, in just three minutes, our dedicated mobile app will give you a clear and accurate result.

  • Score < 50, Normal Stress Level STEADY HEALTH STATE
  • Score = 50–60, At-Risk Stress Level SUB-OPTIMAL HEALTH STATE
  • Score = 80-90, Cancer Stress Level EXACERBATED HEALTH STATE

Protect Your Four-Legged Friends

With a few simple actions you can make sure that your best friend doesn’t end up as a canine statistic.

  • Provide them with a safe, stable and loving family
  • Give them good quality food and plenty of exercise
  • Catch signs of cancer as early as possible.

You take care of the first two and we’ll help you with the third.

walking with dogs is always fun!

*Average Dog Chemotherapy is $1,000 per treatment according to PetCareRX.  47% of dogs die of cancer, which is the leading cause of death according to  6 million dogs were diagnosed with cancer in 2017, again according to Fetch a Cure.

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