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A New Way to Keep an Eye on Your Dogs Health...

OncoGuarDx boxUnfortunately, a dog will never come to you and tell you it is feeling sick. That’s why we as pet owners have to keep an eye on them in order to provide care when need be.  Some sicknesses are much easier to notice in a dog than others.  Regrettably, cancer is one of the most difficult to diagnose and is a leading killer of dogs.  Very often by the time you discover your dog has cancer, it’s too late.  That’s why we developed an at-home, needle-free test kit that measures the molecular stress of your dog’s DNA and can accurately predict when cancer is likely to occur.  OncoGuarDx monitors the stress placed on DNA, giving you a measure of overall molecular stability.  The greater the stress, the higher the chance cancer can occur.

You simply swab the philtrum of your dog (middle of their wet nose), apply the sample to our filter disc, and use our smart phone companion app to take a photo and analyze your pet’s overall molecular stress level.  You will get the results right on the spot, determining immediately your dog’s overall well-being, enabling you to quickly decide if corrective measures are called for.

Its fast, simple to use, and clean.  For a limited time, we are also offering a sample kit at a reduced rate so that you can try it out.  

Quick and Painless Cancer and Stress Monitor
for the first time available to the public

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First Of Its Kind

First to develop a stress and cancer screening kit for dogs.

Different Perspective

We test the DNA present in dogs philtrum DNA, not needing to take a blood sample.

Regular Basis Testing

Normal level stress dogs can be tested once every couple of months.

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Get your cancer screening kit for $49.95 plus shipping & handling. Purchase a subscription and save. Each kit comes with two tests.