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Managing Dogs Stress

There is more to a dogs life than providing them with food, shelter, and a bathroom walk.  If you are reading this section then pet yourself on your back (yes pun intended!) as you are already an active doggy parent looking to make their lives even better!  Here are some questions and answers we hope will help.  

  • What works well to minimize my dogs stress and possibly cancer?
    Do the best you can with the following recommendations.  Don’t let your animal get overweight.  Exercise is a critical component to keeping them happy and healthy. Most of us have office jobs that cause us to leave our pets at home bored for a big chunk of the day.  Anytime you can take them out on a long walk anytime you can. Ask your friends and family to help with this too.

    Try to keep your animal in a very low toxicity environment (non-toxic is always preferred) especially when taking them outside. Think about the signs that you see on a lawn after pesticides and fertilizers have been applied. We wear shoes, socks, and other layers that act as a barrier while dogs don’t. Dogs love to play outside, sometimes chew on on grass, and other times just digging in the soil is fun. This is one of the first spots where they are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals. We recommend you minimize using these spray chemicals and if you have to use them, try using ones that are organic and consult your maintenance people about them. Spend time reviewing what chemicals you will be using outside and inside of your home. Read the labels and always try to go as organic as you possibly can. There is also tick and flea powders, household cleaners, tobacco and much more that can be a carcinogen for your animal.

  • Does my dogs diet have anything to do with possible stress and cancer?
    Studies show that a good caloric intake diet will help prevent tumor and cancer development.   A good diet also keeps your dog’s body from dealing with potential liver, kidney, joint and other issues. 

  • What do I do if I have a very busy life?
    Many of us got a pet to make our hectic life a little more pleasant. Dogs are a responsibility so you will have to come up with a caring plan that will get your dog out of your house several times a day. Family and friends should help you with your dog. If this is not an option then look into a dog walking service. The happier your pet is, the happier you will be!
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There are simple things you can do to quickly improve your best friends life...