Frequently Asked Questions

OncoGuarDx Mobile App

Mobile App Questions

Have you downloaded our app already and need a little more help?  Read on.  Our app is full of terrific features for dog owners and vets who support them.  Information coming soon.

  • Can I save and track my dog’s test results with OncoGuarDx mobile app?
    Yes!  Each time you scan the results you will be able to save that information.

  • Is the App free to download? And what features are included in the App?
    Yes, the App is completely free for both the Android and Apple mobile users. In addition to scanning and tracking the test results, the App will also feature the ability to post onto a Timeline and tag vet oncologists in case an urgent consultation is necessary.

  • Can I do the OncoGuarDx test without using the App?
    Yes. The color-coded test results are also visible to naked eye, though we highly recommend using the app which will give you much more accurate results.

  • What is the compatibility of the OncoGuarDx App?
    IOS: 8.0 till iOS 11
    Android: Kit Kat 4.4.4 till Oreo 8.1

The App is Free, The Technology is Amazing, and Caring For Your Dog is Priceless...