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Science Of How It works

OncoGuarDx helps to gauge the thermodynamic stability of DNA.  The higher the stress experienced, the more unstable it becomes, ultimately resulting in cancer.  Cancer is a systemic disease with evolving genomic instability, which is the driving force of tumor initiation and progression.  

The process of checking your canine’s instability level is rather swift and simple.   Use a swab to collect a sample of your dogs DNA from their nose split, place it onto a provided filter disc and use our companion smartphone app to measure its overall score.  

The hallmark of cancer is genomic instability, which underlies tumor progression and proliferation. While the mechanism of this force remains elusive, altered DNA sequence/conformation of cancer genome invariably attributes to the functional impairment of its activities.

As cancer evolves, its genomic homeostasis falls into a complete disarray mirrored by the progressive disorder of the overall DNA structure. For years the thermodynamic account of carcinogenesis has eluded scientists in their quest for cancer “liquid biopsy” owing to the lack of simple and high resolution measurements of DNA energetics.

Using an advanced fuzzy hybridization technique, the OncoGuarDx test is the first of its kind to determine the actual DNA stress level that our pet dog is currently experiencing in real time. Since OncoGuarDx does not employ any probes or haptens in the test kit, it poses no environmental or allergic effects to the  pets dog family.

Normal Steady
Stress Level

Score of 0 - 50

Keep up whatever you are doing to stay at this level; healthy diet, playing with your dog, long walks, wrestling and so on.  


Score of 50 - 60

Consider switching things up at home to improve your animals environment; healthier diet, longer walks, and so on.  This is also where a vet should be contacted.  


Score of 80 - 90

This is an unhealthy level, and we encourage you to contact your vet immediately to discuss the wellbeing of your dog.  We also have a nationwide list of vet oncologists to reach out to.

Features for Vet Oncologists

Veterinarian oncologists one of our smart phone app features is a timeline post that allows a pet owner to find a nearby vet oncologist and notify them that they are in need of help. Our app will alert any pet owner to reach out to a veterinary oncologist the moment their score is high on the stress test.  

Pet owners will be given the ability to find a nearby veterinary oncologists contact information.  Veterinary oncologists who are registered with our system will also be able to see all contact requests initiated by pet owners whose pets have scored high on the stress level.

Our goal is to alert them of serious issues and put them in touch with a veterinary professional so that serious health issues can be averted or minimized.


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