Frequently Asked Questions

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Veterinarian and Oncologist Questions

One of our key focuses is to team up with veterinarians and veterinary oncologists that can further help our consumer base.  Our plan is transparent and very simple.  We want to refer to you dog owners who have animals that may be in need of your medical help.  In return we want you to be there for them and help them gain the help they need.  

We are including some common questions we are asked about by vets and vet oncologists.

  • How can OncoGuarDx benefit my patients?
    Early diagnosis of cancer is no trivial matter and it is even harder to monitor in real time the therapeutic efficacy of a cancer treatment. OncoGuarDx can determine the elevated instability in the cancer genomic DNA and provides a molecular footprint of the pathophysiological states of a cancer genome. Click here to learn more about the science of OncoGuarDx.
  • What is the accuracy (sensitivity and specificity) of OncoGuarDx test?
    OncoGuarDx has a sensitivity which exceeds 95% while it keeps a specificity equal to or greater than 98%.
  • How is OncoGuarDx different from conventional blood cancer test?
    OncoGuarDx employs the most advanced DNA technology to give you the most accurate early cancer detection at all time. Unlike blood TK/CRP test for dog cancer which relates to nonspecific rapid cell division or inflammation, OncoGuarDx checks for fundamental alterations in DNA physicochemical property ubiquitous to all the cancer genomes.

We are focused on establishing long term relationships with vets and vet oncologists.