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First In Cancer Detection...

We offer a cancer detection product that will equip you with a new, fast and powerful tool. Our OncoGuarDx utilizes an innovative canine cancer detection method which yields unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and insights into the molecular condition of animal health. OncoGuarDx helps to gauge any thermodynamic instability (stress) of DNA. The higher the stress experienced, the more unstable DNA becomes, ultimately resulting in cancer. Not only does the OncoGuarDx test kit provide an early warning for canine cancer, but it also serves as a measure of a dog’s current stress level.

First In Industry

First to develop a dog stress level and cancer screening kit.

Different Perspective

We check the DNA present in dogs philtrum "sweat", not needing to take a blood sample.

Enhancing Your Services

We help you get results immediately, cutting down the pet owners anxiety from days to seconds.

Enhancing Your Veterinary Practice...

OncoGuarDx application is faster and cleaner compared to conventional blood-based testing for canine cancer. There is no blood drawn, and no biopsies needed. All you or your veterinary technician has to do is swab the philtrum of the patient dog, apply the sample to the filter disc and use your smart phone companion app to quickly analyze overall canine health at the molecular level. its all very simple, quick and clean.  This method avoids the stressful blood draw that many dog owners, and dogs, tend to dislike.  It also eliminates anxious days of waiting for blood test results. 
We offer reduced prices to veterinary oncology practices and are currently working on an organ-specific diagnosis for cancer. Please contact us if you have any additional comments or questions about our OncoGuarDx test kit, or wish to learn more about the science behind our revolutionary canine diagnostic product.
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