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An Innovation In Cancer Detection...

As a veterinarian, you are probably bombarded with a large number of new products and services. So we will keep our pitch short and if you like what we have to say, then please keep on reading and reach out to us. We are the first company to offer a non-needle cancer test kit that scans for possible canine cancer. Our OncoGuarDx test kit not only provides early warning for dog cancer, but also serves as a measure of a dog’s current molecular stress levels.  Our test is very easy to administer, doesn’t require any blood samples, and with our mobile phone companion app, reveals results immediately. OncoGuarDx is the industry’s first DNA-based molecular test kit, offering unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and insights into the molecular well-being of canine patients.

Enhancing Your Veterinary Practice...

How many veterinary clinics in your region offer a real time DNA-based molecular test for canine stress and cancer? In all likelihood, not one does. Our product can enhance the service you offer and make you more competitive by giving you immediate diagnostic capability right in your office with minimum staff training required. Imagine cutting out the days of anxious waiting for diagnosis that your dog-owner clients currently must endure .

Administering the product is simple and the results are fast. Either you or your veterinary technician can swab the philtrum of the patient dog, apply the sample to the filter disc, and your smart phone companion app will quickly analyze the overall molecular stress level, giving you the results right on the spot. It’s all very simple, quick and clean. Best part is that you can reduce your patient wait time from days to seconds, enabling you to initiate any required treatment without delay.

We offer reduced prices to veterinary practices to help you get started. Plus we are currently working on a tailored panel of DNA-based disease diagnosis for your specific needs. Please contact us if you have any additional comments or questions about our OncoGuarDx test kit, or click here if you wish to learn more about the science behind this revolutionary canine diagnostic product.


First In Industry

First to develop a dog stress level and cancer screening kit.

Different Perspective

We check the DNA present in dogs philtrum "sweat", not needing to take a blood sample.

Enhancing Your Services

We help you get results immediately, cutting down the pet owners anxiety from days to seconds.